Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For the girl, who was once my……… lover

These lines are for you my dear,
The one who is not dear to me now, but
The one who was the dearest for me then and
The one whom I cherished than my life…

I tried to love you in all my life
I tried to love you in all my breath
I tried to love you with all my truth
I never tried to cheat you at any site …

Why did I worry that you don’t love me??
Why did I believe that I needed you to be complete??
I was so tired of all those nonsense...
Without you I can finally feel my heart beat

Despite of all you threw to my face
I never budged and I stayed in my word...
what you flummoxed always in fights??
I'm not losing sleep over you tonight...

Your words are going to choke you at the end
I'm better than I ever was, I didn't need time to mend
you said I was nothing without you...
I wonder what you'd say if you knew what I‘m now...

I'm trying to remember every chat we ever had
just to feel whole again like nothing ever happened
and to forget n forgive all those sillies.
But now I understand the real love…

Love cannot be lost
As it cannot be gained
It can only be shared
Shared, shared n shared…

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