Monday, March 30, 2009

For my college mates….

Back from my life
Stroll down the stair
Spin of a switch ‘n’
Twist of a knob.

It was a sigh.
A hug.
A kiss.
Some words of love ….
Then, said goodbye.

It was a gain
A time.
A place.
But not a trace where,
My friends left behind.

I miss you a lot
For those good times
Which we’d together
As a kin n as a mob

To the blue, blue sky
With wet, wet eye
And an open sigh
I wish you'll come back again

But for today you are away.
And for now we are apart

But I know my heart‘s
Thirst for you.
And the best of luck
To you my friends
For my hope
We will meet again soon.

** Special thanx to Mr. Jamshid KP for these photos .


  1. great dude

    one of those lucky college pals


  2. ini enthokke sahikkanam.... well carry on...

  3. very nice... its touchng heart..