Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My College Days

NAM Kallikkandy, my college, the place where I spent the most beautiful period in my life. I enjoyed each n every second of that time. Here are some lines about that period. All these lines are from my deep heart. One of my unknown friends sent me one stanza (around five to six lines) about his college life. It gave me some nostalgic feelings. Then I started writing these lines. It is the first time I’m writing lines like this. So, I don’t know is it came through or what? You are the evaluator. Mail your comments to: . You can checkout my malayaalam blog.:

The world is fast and so my life…..
Running speed for the thrive
But, now I stopped and turned around
to see my place, my evergreen ground

the place where, I’d spent my golden epoch
friends, girlfriends, lovers n all
flirting, mashing and sometimes fight
acting strange and playing crazy
living life was so damn easy

never caring what ever others say
laziness, rashness always beats
studies, lectures n those boring hours
sleeping classrooms getting awake
With the presence of loving teachers

Proudly headed the mbbs*
Making friends, in a split of second
but sticking with them till the end of life

living on the edge, challenges n dares
consequences, who the hell cares
feeling proud for all those stupidity

asking every gal for a sweetie smile
hopping around her, like a squirrel
being possessive ,declaring her "MY GIRL"

but reality struck, and hit it hard
soon, that world torn apart
days were over, time said goodbye

my heart's defying, wanna stay
but, its finished
finished for ever….

memories flashing, in front of wet eyes
taking a long breath to get that smell
the smell of my loving college days….

Devoted to my nam friends

*member of back bench students


  1. faisal...

    u brought back those wonderful memories...

    missing those days a a lot

    ur college pal

  2. "Those were the Best Days of My Life....."