Monday, March 30, 2009

For my college mates….

Back from my life
Stroll down the stair
Spin of a switch ‘n’
Twist of a knob.

It was a sigh.
A hug.
A kiss.
Some words of love ….
Then, said goodbye.

It was a gain
A time.
A place.
But not a trace where,
My friends left behind.

I miss you a lot
For those good times
Which we’d together
As a kin n as a mob

To the blue, blue sky
With wet, wet eye
And an open sigh
I wish you'll come back again

But for today you are away.
And for now we are apart

But I know my heart‘s
Thirst for you.
And the best of luck
To you my friends
For my hope
We will meet again soon.

** Special thanx to Mr. Jamshid KP for these photos .

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My College Days

NAM Kallikkandy, my college, the place where I spent the most beautiful period in my life. I enjoyed each n every second of that time. Here are some lines about that period. All these lines are from my deep heart. One of my unknown friends sent me one stanza (around five to six lines) about his college life. It gave me some nostalgic feelings. Then I started writing these lines. It is the first time I’m writing lines like this. So, I don’t know is it came through or what? You are the evaluator. Mail your comments to: . You can checkout my malayaalam blog.:

The world is fast and so my life…..
Running speed for the thrive
But, now I stopped and turned around
to see my place, my evergreen ground

the place where, I’d spent my golden epoch
friends, girlfriends, lovers n all
flirting, mashing and sometimes fight
acting strange and playing crazy
living life was so damn easy

never caring what ever others say
laziness, rashness always beats
studies, lectures n those boring hours
sleeping classrooms getting awake
With the presence of loving teachers

Proudly headed the mbbs*
Making friends, in a split of second
but sticking with them till the end of life

living on the edge, challenges n dares
consequences, who the hell cares
feeling proud for all those stupidity

asking every gal for a sweetie smile
hopping around her, like a squirrel
being possessive ,declaring her "MY GIRL"

but reality struck, and hit it hard
soon, that world torn apart
days were over, time said goodbye

my heart's defying, wanna stay
but, its finished
finished for ever….

memories flashing, in front of wet eyes
taking a long breath to get that smell
the smell of my loving college days….

Devoted to my nam friends

*member of back bench students

Saturday, March 14, 2009


The 15th Lok Sabha Election of India is going to be an uphill task for the Indian political parties for various reasons. The bombastic explosion of electronic media and its outsized reach have astonishingly increased the awareness of the Indian electorates. On a platter, the Indian media has like never before served the masses the deprivation and exploitation of the Indians. The media has also highlighted as to how the Indian politicians are taking the electorates for holy rides under some pretext or other. Hence the whole credit for making this election an acid test for the Artful Dodgers of Indian politics goes to the media which played the role of a catalyst.

The 15th Lok Sabha, political parties and leaders.

Now, The National Democratic Alliance comprising the BJP and its allies officially announced L. K. Advani as their candidate for Prime Ministership. The UPA constituting Indian National Congress (INC) and its allies didn’t officially announce their candidate for Prime Ministership. But, one speculation is Rahul Gandhi, the son of the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi. Apart from them, though the third alliances, which one is just borne, haven’t yet officially announced their Prime Ministerial candidate Mayavathi is claiming for the post.

Some Infos regarding Indian Parliament.

As we are going to face the Lok Sabha Election of India, which is scheduled to be held by the month of May 2009, here is some details of Indian Parliament.

According to Article 79 of the Constitution of India, the Parliament consists of President of India and the two Houses of Parliament known as Council of States (Rajya Sabha) and House of the People (Lok Sabha). The maximum strength of Lok Sabha or the lower house of the Indian Parliament is 552, comprising 530 members who represent the States, up to 20 members who stand for the Union Territories and not more than 2 members from the Anglo-Indian Community who are nominated by the President. The maximum number of members of Rajya Sabha can be 250. Article 80 of the Constitution of India provides that 12 members are to be nominated by the President of India and not more than 238 representatives from the States to be elected by the elected members of the State Legislative Assemblies in accordance with the system of proportional representation by means of the single transferable vote.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Deal between Mr. MK Gandhi and Mr. V. Mallya

Mr. Vijay Mallya won the auction held at New York on last Thursday and he is bringing to India all the fortune that he won which are the belongings of Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the father of our nation.

The world famous critic of liquor, the half naked Fakeer, Mr. M.K.Gandhi’s belongings are now with the world famous liquor barrel, the full suited king of good times, Mr. V. Mallya.

Nevertheless, he saved the pride of India by winning the auction and not allowed these belongings to go out side.

Now the great central minister for culture Mrs. Ambika Soni tells they are happy as the govt. of India won the auction through Vijay Mallya. But, Mallya repudiates this statement and he said he doesn’t have any deals with govt. of india in this regard and anyway he is happy as he won the game.

Gandhi followers including Gandhiji’s grand son Mr. Thushar Gandhi are also happy as these belongings came to India. The auctioneer “Antiquarium” is happier as they got 18.00.000 USD in this deal of old slippers, metal bowl and the round framed specs, for which the auction started with a rate between 20,000 to 30,000 USD.

The buyer, seller, beneficiaries and the audience all are happy, they sing Jai ho…Jai ho……

Everything is good everyone is happy……………….

Again, again comes a doubt……………………………..

Mr. Vijay Mallya is a perfect businessman. He is calculating the profit and loss balance sheet in each and every deal he spend even a pie.

In this business, what will be Mr. Mallya’s profit?

Here, he spent about 93 million INR for this auction. He must be expecting some profit on this deposit. He will never agree a deal without a profit of minimum two times of capital amount.

Then, what will be his aim? Money (already he is a billionaire), fame (nowadays he is more famous than the Indian president), or something else???????

Anyway as the film dialogs comes before intermission, we can tell that “Just wait and see”

Thursday, March 5, 2009

i'm starting now

i'm starting now. i m extremely a new born baby in this field.I’m an emigrant in life and pilgrim in thoughts, search of the true essence of life. This is the blog through which I would like to talk about the various aspects of life, the anxieties, the hope, the love, the despair, the ambitions and the various other little emotions which will guide us through the short and wonderful life as we aspire to live fruitfully and with more meanings and satisfaction.

Mainly I talk about my experiences, thoughts and beliefs, which you may agree or disagree and disprove my theories, beliefs and writings. I believe this is the real purpose of this blog. I want to communicate with each one of you people out here, get your valuable points. Try to implement them in my life and also want you people to experiment the ideas in your life and thus help both of us in our journey to the eternal goal.

You may contact me and convey your thoughts either through the comment section or dropping a mail at:

Love n prayers